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Whether you are a general contractor erecting a metal building for a client, a business seeking additional space for your operations or an end user putting up a building for personal use, Ironbuilt stays with you through every stage of the process. Our Contractor Services Department can offer you whatever level of assistance you need with the actual metal building construction including a complete turnkey package. With over 38 years experience in the design, engineering and construction of pre-engineered metal building packages you can have confidence that with our steel building construction services your project will be completed on time and on budget.

Ironbuilt’s contractor services department can offer you the construction assistance you need with any of the following resources:

Technical Consultant If your church, club or association intends to use the “community labor” of your organization for the building construction, Ironbuilt can refer an independent technical consultant to assist you. This allows you to save by erecting the building yourselves, but also take advantage of an experienced metal building construction specialist that can advise on erection of the structural framing or the management of the entire project. Consultants are available both domestically and for most international projects.

Metal Building Erection In addition to an Ironbuilt designing the building for your specific application, an experienced insured contractor will erect your Ironbuilt metal building kit and accessories on your pre-existing concrete floor or foundation. They will install all the doors, windows, skylights, insulation systems or any other optional accessories. If you require it they will also have an engineer design your concrete foundation and floor and install them as well for a complete steel building package.

Turnkey Construction Ironbuilt’s complete turnkey construction services include the concrete work, metal building erection and the interior build-out including drywall, flooring and painting. The contractor services department has relationships with Ironbuilt certified builders and general contractors in many areas that can also install all the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. The level of services available may vary with the location in the United States and some International job sites.

Plan Review And Cost Engineering

Ironbuilt’s steel building designers and engineers will assist in designing your building to fit not only your current requirements but allow for your future expansion plans as well. They can also help you in the selection of the most cost effective insulation systems, industrial cranes, storefronts and other custom features. If you already have architectural drawings, the engineering department can review them and suggest potential cost savings in the design or integration of external facades including brick, stucco, EFIS or wood. Contact the technical service department and they will furnish instructions on how to send any plans or drawings by email or by special upload services such as for larger files.

Ironbuilt Buildings offer exceptional features including:

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