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Gymnasium Metal Building For Basketball Court

Camp Bei Kyta
Livingston Manor, New York

Back in 2006, Yaakov Bienseld needed a new recreational gym facility for his summer camp, Camp Bei Kyta. Unsure of where to go and not familiar with steel building construction, he turned to Ironbuilt Steel Buildings for help, and what a great decision he made.

“I took a trip to the Ironbuilt steel building factory. They showed me around and they gave me a bit of an education about steel buildings and about iron buildings,” said Beinseld.

During his trip, it became clear to Beinseld that an Ironbuilt steel building was going to be perfect. He knew his metal building could be designed with point loads to adequately support basketball hoops so the children in his summer camp could have a new place to play. After his trip, Mr. Beinseld said, “It was a no-brainer, my partner and I decided that we were going to build a great gym facility with 8 half court basketball courts and two full court basketball courts in our Ironbuilt Steel building.”

Not only does his basketball steel building from Ironbuilt serve its purpose as a gym facility, it’s also the main attraction at Camp Bei Kyta. Mr. Beinseld goes on to say, “This is the centerpiece of our camp. It is a showpiece for anyone who comes to see our camp.” Clearly, Camp Bei Kyta got more than just a place to play in: parents want their children to camp there because of their recreational steel building facility.

When asked about his overall experience with Ironbuilt Steel Buildings, Mr. Beinseld said, “We are very happy with the service very happy with the quality. We haven’t had any problems and I recommend that if anyone is looking to put up a structure, use Ironbuilt Buildings. You will be very, very satisfied.”

Before we could finish, Yaakov reiterated, “The quality and service cannot be matched.”

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