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Covered Riding Arena Building

Fauquier County, Virginia

In 2009 Patricia V., of Fauquier County, Virginia, was in need of an indoor riding arena, but she was on a deadline. Winter was quickly approaching and she needed to have her steel building erected before the first snowfall. Otherwise, her business would have to shut down until the spring.

No stranger to deadlines, Ironbuilt Steel Buildings was up to the task. Patricia was able to put the building up prior to the first snow and kept her business open. “We were able to continue working throughout the whole winter,” Patricia said.

Keeping her business open for the winter was not the only thing that made her happy. The winter of 2009 in Virginia shattered record highs for snowfall and Patricia was very happy with her purchase of an IronbuiltĀ covered metal riding arena, “I had the building built in 2009 and it was completed just before that winter which turned out to be perfect timing because that winter we had record amounts of snow in VA. There was so much snow in fact that several of the local indoor riding arenas that were made of wood actually collapsed, so we were particularly pleased that we had gone with a steel building.” When beginning a metal building project, most only have a vague idea in their head of how they want it to look. Ironbuilt’s engineering and design team is here to put that idea into action and make it become a reality. Our 38 years of steel building experience enables us to provide insightful know-how to provide each and every single one of our customers a horse arena building with an efficient design, catered to their individual needs. Patricia found this out first hand. “I had a general idea of how large I wanted my facility. But I didn’t know anything else about the construction of a steel building. They talked me right through it. Everything was designed exactly like they said it would be,” she went on to tell us. Customer service is extremely important to Ironbuilt as well. We do everything in our power to make sure each customer is continuously satisfied with their steel building. Patricia told us she is a reflection of that initiative, “I have no complaints about it whatsoever. I would recommend Ironbuilt Steel Buildings.”

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