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Workshop Steel Building Indiana

Christopher Dominguez
Avon, IN

Being a painting contractor that specializes in painting professional Indy 500 race cars, Christopher Dominguez is a meticulous man. He wanted a steel building, but he wanted to make sure he went with the right company, with the best steel building. “I did research for two years on this building,” said Dominguez. When he completed his research on different building types, he decided the company most qualified was Ironbuilt Steel Buildings based on their quality and service.

Christopher works on race cars and needed a place to stay out of the weather. That’s where Ironbuilt Steel Buildings came to the rescue. During his research, Christopher knew he didn’t want a pole barn for his company’s shop building because, “If you live in Indiana it’s a wet state. I didn’t want a pole building. The poles rot. This is a steel building.” Once Mr. Dominguez got his steel building up, he knew he made the right decision. He went on to say, “It’s durable; it’s easy to put up; it’s fantastic.”

Mr. Dominguez passed on the painting trade to his three sons. Naturally, the four of them had no experience in metal building construction, however, that did not stop them from trying their hand at putting up their own. “Me and three of my sons built this building,” Christopher beamingly said. In the beginning, the four of them thought putting up a steel building kit was going to be a daunting task, but once their building arrived, Mr. Dominguez had this to say, “The plans were so easy to follow, it was idiot proof.”

The father and sons team was not the only one pleased with the building, Christopher said, “My (building) inspector came out and was impressed with the quality.”

When asked how he felt about his Ironbuilt steel building, Mr. Dominguez confidently said, “I recommend Ironbuilt Steel Buildings. The quality is there, the simplicity of putting up this building, the price… you cannot go wrong.”

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