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When Walter set out to buy his metal garage building for his property in California, he was fulfilling a lifetime dream. “It’s my lifetime dream to have a shop, a place to have fun in and work on my cars and do all of my fun things,” said Walter. After the truck arrived, his steel garage building dream was going to become a reality. However, he ran into a lengthy permit process.

Walter could not believe it. He said, “My building sat in the mud for two years while I went through the permit process.” He thought his building was going to be ruined sitting on the jobsite, but little did he know what his Ironbuilt steel building could withstand. “When I was ready to build I pulled all of the materials out with my tractor. We took everything and pressure washed it all. It looked like brand new. All of the steel looked perfect, I couldn’t believe it!” said a shocked Walter. “There was no rust or deterioration at all.”

This was a just a sign of the good fortune to come Walter’s way for his metal garage building.

In that time, the state of California issued updated building codes and requested changes to the engineer drawings. Ironbuilt’s engineering team handled that and Walter told us, “There were a couple of code changes, they took care of it for me, and they kept on top of everything for me.”

All of his building materials were okay and his building up to code, but he had another concern: did his door components suffer any degradation after sitting in the mud for two years? Would he have to buy doors again? It turned out that was not a problem, either.  Walter went on to say, “I am a commercial contractor and I expected to have to replace the door hardware. Instead, all of it was all commercial grade with ball bearing hinges. I was really impressed with that.”

Door clearance was another point of concern. He needed the biggest doors possible for his building, but he was not if sure they would fit.  Walter said, “The opening was right up against the steel beams on the corners and I didn’t think there would be room for the door mechanisms. I hired an overhead door installer to come out and he told me that it was going to be a problem and that he saw this issue all the time steel buildings he installed doors on. There just didn’t seem to be enough room.” Great, another road block Mr. Beard thought to himself. Was his dream shop ever going to become a reality?

Ironbuilt Steel Buildings’ years of experience with overhead doors and metal garages took care of that, as Walter would soon found out. “However, when he got to it we realized that the doors were special order low profile doors and fit perfectly! They ordered the right door; the salesman had taken that into consideration. I was amazed again,” also adding, “None of the door panels allow any dust or water to blow through. They are just great!”

When asked about the erection process, Walter told us he hired a crew because he injured his knee a few years ago and could not get up on the ladders and booms. He thought he was going to run into more problems, because the crew warned him, “They told me that I was going to be spending a lot of extra money fabricating parts in the field, having brackets welded in and that type of thing,” and added, “I have seen it myself in the past.” Ironbuilt had that taken care of, too, as Walter told us, “This building, however, fit perfectly! Every nut and bolt went in right where it was supposed to. The guys did not have to fight putting these I-beams together and I can easily see someone putting this building up by themselves with a small crane. I was shocked that I didn’t have any problems putting this building up!”

It turns out Ironbuilt’s customer service pleasantly surprised Walter, too, as he told us, “The customer service was excellent. I never had to chase them down; they called me through every part of the permit process.”

When asked for his final opinion on his Ironbuilt prefab garage kit building, Walter said, “This is the state of California, we are in a FEMA flood zone, an earthquake zone, every type of natural disaster this property is subject to. I couldn’t be happier with it!”

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