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Linda Doyle
Loris, SC

Prime retail locations can be hard to come by and leasing is very costly. Working in the confines of an existing building can be extremely limited, as well. Further costs can be incurred to modify an existing location to suit a business’ retail needs. Linda Doyle, of Loris, SC, knew this and hoped to minimize costs and get up and running as quickly as possible as she was planning to expand her hair salon business.

Linda called Ironbuilt Steel Buildings and she was able to speak with a project manager to go over her preliminary layout to see how much we could help. As it turned out, Linda had the freedom to design her new salon from the ground up with helpful input from her project manager. Not to mention, she was going to be able to completely avoid costly leasing, demo and repair work on an existing location.

“In deciding the size of the building, I knew that I wanted something in a salon that was not wide, but narrow,” Linda told us. Ironbuilt was able to cater to her needs with a 30’x100′ retail metal building for her hair salon.

The quality of the building is something Linda is very pleased with.  During Linda’s search for a steel building, she wanted a company that mirrored the quality of service she provides in her salon. She found exactly that with Ironbuilt Steel Buildings. “We were very satisfied with the quality.” This in turn helped out with the construction of the building. Linda went on to say, “The construction of the building, it was so simple, so easy.”

With the help of a local contractor Linda was able to complete the interior build-out of the building quickly. Upon walking in, there’s a beautiful reception and seating area. From here, well kept salon booths are visible and display the wide range of services available. The salon offers everything from hair and nails to tanning. To this day, four years after its erection, Linda’s Beauty & Tanning Salon building’s interior and exterior are in immaculate condition and still look brand new.

After her salon opened, Linda told us, “I highly recommend Ironbuilt Steel Buildings for their quality, customer service and the fact that it’s American made.”

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